The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Husband is giving pen to sign divorce papers his former wife after he take off the ring form finger

The United States has transitioned from a country wherein the idea of divorce was unheard of and building a successful marriage was considered a top priority to a place with one of the highest divorce rates in the world. The idea of marriage as a lifelong commitment has changed significantly and gradually evolved to emphasize individual fulfillment and satisfaction.

Here are a few of the most common reasons couples decide to divorce.


Infidelity is one of the primary reasons for divorce. It is also one of the legal divorce reasons, besides living apart for more than a year and subjecting your partner to mental or physical abuse. Infidelity often begins as a seemingly innocent friendship, which later becomes a physical affair.

The reasons why people cheat are not as cut and dry as our anger may lead us to believe. Anger and resentment are common underlying reasons for cheating, along with differences in sexual appetite and lack of emotional intimacy.

Finance Trouble

Everything from different spending habits and financial goals to one spouse making considerably more money than the other causing a power struggle can strain a marriage to the breaking point. Differences in how much money each partner brings into the marriage can also lead to power plays between a couple.

Lack of Communication

When two people are sharing a life, they must be able to talk about what they need and understand and try to meet their partner’s needs. Yelling at your spouse, not talking enough throughout the day, and making nasty comments to express yourself are all unhealthy methods of communication that need to be ditched in a marriage.

When couples stop talking completely, they can feel isolated and lonely and stop caring about one another. This can lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

Unrealistic Expectations

It’s easy to go into a marriage with lofty expectations, expecting your spouse and the marriage to live up to your image of what they should be. These expectations can put a lot of strain on the other person, leaving you feeling let down and setting your spouse up for failure. Wrong expectation setting can become one of the reasons for divorce.

Every relationship is unique, and it’s on the couple to decide how they want to proceed in the relationship. If you feel the relationship is serving you no purpose and only giving you suffering, it is a good decision to walk away from marriage.

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