Life Coaching

Have you always dreamed of achieving your best in life? Better relationships, better health, better job? Do you look back on the past and wish you had done things differently? Have you ever said to yourself: “If I knew then what I know now…”

Although Life Coaching doesn’t provide a way to turn back the clock, Life Coaching will give you the tools to live the lifestyle you have always wanted.

The most common areas I help my clients with are: weight loss, communications skills, marital advice, dealing with children, personal finance management advice, anger management, codependency, control issues and more…

Here are some of the most common issues my clients experience:

  • “I am just unhappy”
  • “I can’t seem to get anything right…each decision seems to make my life worse”
  • “I said I would never make this mistake again, and here I am… why am I doing this?”
  • “If I could just get a better job/marry a better person/ move to a different state…I would be OK”
  • “Who am I? I don’t even know what I want”
  • “My life consists of getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home and doing what my spouse tells me to do, going to bed…I don’t have a life!”
  • “I’ve tried getting through to my teenage son, but nothing works, it seems that he is slowly slipping away”
  • “I made a decision when I was 18 that ruined my life…but what can you do, I just have to live with it”
  • “I am angry all the time”

Life is too short, the time to live your life to your maximum potential is now. Through the methods of Life Coaching, my training as a mental health specialist, and my years of experience, I will help you create a road map to being your true self. I will help you achieve the live “you were supposed to live”.

Getting started is easy. Pick up the phone and call me at 810-252-1315. I will give you a 100% Free 15 minute consultation during which we will assess your coaching needs and identify your goals.

Call 810-252-1315 for a Free, no obligation, consultation or contact me today to learn more. This could be the phone call that changes your life forever!