Luan Jackson has helped me with several issues that had become obstacles in my family and personal life. She listened to my situation and provided me with advice and options in an objective and nonjudgmental manner. As a law enforcement professional, I was concerned with the confidentiality of our sessions. Ms Jackson took steps to reassure me that our sessions were private and confidential, which made me comfortable sharing my situation with her so we could work together toward a solution.


When I began seeing Luan Jackson, I was over weight, out of shape, and had no self esteem. With her assistance, I began a regular exercise and healthy eating life style. I lost 30 pounds and got into better physical and mental shape. I started to wear clothing that was flattering instead of clothes that I could hide in.? Luan guided me with changes in my life style to feel better about myself, help me return to the work force; and finally use my Bachelor’s degree in nursing that I had earned 13 years prior.


I came to Luan as a co-dependent to an alcoholic husband, had little self-esteem and lacked self-confidence. With encouragement and support(LOTS) from Luan, I went back to college after 30 yrs. graduated CumLaude with an Associates Degree in Accounting, feel good and finally believe in myself, which is probably my most important accomplishment. I have since divorced, overcame the co-dependency stage and I am finally free. I am moving forward and not looking back. Thank You Luan without your support and encouragement I don’t know where I would be, but I love where I am at in this moment. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Shelly M.

Luan has always done a great job at helping me. Her techniques to help panic attacks are very helpful and extremely effective. I feel so comfortable and natural talking to her, it’s like talking to a best friend. I recommend her to anyone who needs a helping hand.


I’m still tapping… and marrying the taps to a positive action/affirmation, just like you taught. It is actually a simple effective tool to refocus and rid myself of anxiety and often the planned result is the real result. What can I say, you’re just good!


Luan, Thank you for helping my wife and I understand our issues and build the road back to being happy together. This was my first experience working with a professional to help my wife and I to understand ourselves and each other. When we first started this I was lets just say less than positive about the chances that we could work it out, but the thought and cost of divorce, along with the added damage to the kids helped make the decision to seek help. I also wanted mention that having the flexibility to meet in the office or have a phone conference was priceless. I feel that having some of our meetings on the phone allowed us to talk about and resolved certain issues that we would not have talked about if we were sitting face to face. There is naturally less pressure on the phone. I also think that having both meeting options (office and phone) allowed us to get all of the issues out in the open, thus allowing us to get over our fears. We were then able to understand what was going on with each other. I learned so much about my wife, myself and how we communicate with each other. Luan I could go no forever but I just wanted to let you know that this was a very positive experience for my wife and I. Our experience saved our marriage. Thanks again.



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