Business Coaching

Today’s economic environment has changed the way a lot of people handle their lives, careers, and businesses. For some the transition has been smooth, but for most they have been forced to make some adjustments. My business consulting services are designed to help you adapt to this new financial environment.

Consulting for Small Businesses

Small businesses are probably the sector of the economy that has suffered the most from the recent financial changes. Some business owners feel like giving up, while others wonder if they will ever see the end of the tunnel. Many businesses have had to downsize, and often times a spouse has had to lend a helping hand which has created a whole new set of problems.
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I have helped numerous Small Business owners get adjusted to their new situation. Each situation is unique, but most seem to share the following concerns:

  • “How can I motivate my staff?”
  • “How can I maximize my time?”
  • “My wife has replaced one of my managers, how do I avoid work issues from interfering with family life?”
  • “I used to have 10 employees, now I can only afford 8, how do I manage their time so that the job still gets done, and they don’t feel overworked?”
  • “How can I communicate better with my staff”

My training and years of experience helping Small Business owners with their coaching needs have helped me develop methods that will help you achieve your goals, even in this difficult financial environment. Call today for a Free 15 minute consultation during which we will establish your coaching needs and recommend a coaching plan adapted to your particular situation. There is no obligation to buy any service after the Free consultation.

Career Counseling

A few years ago the big questions were: “how do I get promoted?” and “how much money should I ask for?”. Today, the questions are: “how do I keep my job? and “what can I do to ensure that I am not the next one to go?”

Fortunately, there are proven methods which will not only help you find or keep employment, but also help you advance faster in your career. I have been sharing these methods with my clients for years, and have experienced great success.

My clients are all different, and their needs vary, but some of the most common questions they have are:

  • “How can I ensure job security?”
  • “Am I in the right job?”
  • “What can I do to make my boss like me?”
  • “I am a female in an all male environment, how can I improve communication with my coworkers?”
  • “I am a male supervising a female staff, how can I avoid being seen as sexist?
  • “How can I appear intelligent and capable when I am the youngest staff member?”
  • “How do I motivate my team?”

Over the years I have helped dozens of people achieve their goals, and I am confident I can help you too.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call today to schedule a Free, no obligation, consultation with me. We will evaluate your situation and your consulting needs. There is absolutely no obligation to become a client. This 15 minute consultation is designed to help me understand your needs and recommend a coaching schedule, and for you to forge an opinion on my abilities to help you achieve your goals. Call 810-252-1315 to get your Free consultation

Coaching sessions are performed over the phone to maximize your time.

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