Family, Marriage & Life Counseling Services in Michigan

Do you want to rediscover your marital happiness? Would you like to learn how to manage stress and resolve conflicts more effectively at work? Perhaps you hope to get your life back on track and finally finish your college degree?

As a marriage and family counselor for 35 years, I have helped my clients in Michigan reach their maximum potential and live the life they have always dreamed of. I specialize in conflict resolution, marriage counseling, life coaching and career counseling.

I offer counseling appointments for individuals, couples and business teams, guaranteeing each person’s privacy and confidentiality. I am also available for professional speaking engagements to discuss marriage and family counseling in a seminar setting.

In addition to being a certified specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing, I bring my own life experience to the table; I have been married for 40 successful years and have a master’s degree in psychology and administration and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

My counseling services are available both over the telephone and in person at my office in Lapeer, Michigan. Call me today at 810-252-1315 for a free initial phone consultation.

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