Conflict Resolution & Stress Management

We all find ourselves at one point or another in a situation of conflict. For some of us it is once in a while, but for others, it can happen on a regular basis. A conflict will affect people differently, but one common denominator is always how conflict affects its “victims” emotionally and psychologically.

Conflict is part of life, and I don’t pretend that I will magically transform you into a “conflict free” person; but what I will do is work with you to develop techniques that will help you handle conflict both while conflict is happening and after it is over.

These are the most common phrases my clients use:

  • “We were having a good time, and all of a sudden she was mad, I don’t get it”
  • “I have tried everything, and I still can’t get co-operation”
  • “Every time I try to fix a misunderstanding, it gets worse”
  • “I avoid conflict”
  • “I stuff my feelings because I don’t know how to express myself”
  • “Life is much smoother when I just go along… of course, I have stress reactions, but isn’t that life?”

If you have ever heard yourself say any of the above, I guarantee you that my methods will help you handle your next conflict situation.

Whether you just want to learn new, different, approaches to handling tension with coworkers, family members, neighbors, or others in order to get to a resolution faster; or you are deeply affected by the results of a situation of conflict, I can assist you.

If you think there is no hope, that it is the end, and the only solution is: divorce, quitting your job, never talking to the neighbor, or even darker thoughts, my methods and approach will show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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