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How Business Coaching Helps Small Businesses Manage Growth

business coach standing in front of small business team giving them tips on a PowerPoint

As small businesses embark on the path to growth, the challenges they face can be as substantial as the opportunities ahead. Growth isn’t just about increasing sales; it involves scaling operations, managing finances wisely, and maintaining the quality of service or products. This is where business coaching becomes invaluable! Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Strategic… Read more »

What is a Business Coach and Why You Need One

Female business coach explaining business growth strategies to a team of employees

With stores and restaurants opening back up from the shutdowns of the pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion looming in the air for business owners. It can feel like they are starting from square one again, and the stress and burnout from the past few years can affect their business performance. As… Read more »

Tips for Handling Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution Counseling for Businesses in Lapeer, MI

Most people prefer to go to the office, get their work done, and go home at the end of the day without any problems. Unfortunately, conflict is an unavoidable part of life, which means it’s inevitable that it will happen in the workplace at some point. If you’re in a company leadership role, the responsibility… Read more »