Marriage Counseling

Are you unhappy in your marriage? Unhappiness in a marriage is a common thing; most of the time it involves communications issues as well as inability to handle conflict situations; but sometimes the reasons are darker, involving physical or mental abuse.

When facing these issues people often turn to their families, friends and most self help tools available; but more often than not, these resources have little success. As professional marriage counselor I am trained to see the entire scope of a person’s situation and identify patterns in events and behaviors.

My sessions are adapted to each individual situation, and are strictly confidential. I offer couple sessions as well as individual sessions.

These are the most common phrases my clients use:

  • My friends tell me I’m in denial
  • The fight seems to repeat itself over and over
  • I feel like he/she is fighting with another person
  • Sometimes I wonder why I am married
  • I don’t want to come home after work
  • Aren’t all marriages like that?

After years of experience as a mental health specialist, and after working with numerous couples, I have come to realize that marriage counseling is better done over the phone. The distance created by the telephone helps couples open up and share their stories in more depth. Some of my clients find the privacy of sitting in a controlled environment where no one can see them come and go, or overhear their conversation very comforting.

I have helped many people better understand their marital situations, and I am confident that I can help you improve your marital situation.

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