Finding the right life coach for you

angerAre you unhappy? Are you angry? Do you feel like your life is getting progressively worse? Do you need help with making decisions? We all deserve to do better in life. Consider a life coach! You will not regret it.

There are many kinds of life coaches out there, each with his or her personal style. Life coaches come in all shapes and sizes. It makes sense, since no two lives are the same. There needs to be variety. One life coach may not be able to get you on the right track. That is because you don’t have that connection. Looking for that right life coach is the same as looking for a significant other; it takes some time. You need to establish parameters.

What do you enjoy? Any hobbies? Do you like to write, draw or paint? Are you bogged down by events in the past and often mutter to yourself, “My mind’s not right”? You might prefer a mental health-oriented life coach. Write what you did last week. Summarize activities, thoughts, etc. into characteristics. Pick a life coach that is suitable to your personality.

For example, if you are a creatively-inclined person, you should go for a similar life coach, someone like Carol Lorraine of Napa. In the article, “Napa life coach taps creativity to help balance people’s lives,” Natalie Hoffman of the Napa Valley Register writes, “These days, Lorraine, 65, is harnessing her artistic talents to fortify her life coaching business.”

In Lorraine’s eyes, she believes that one must get in touch with his or her creative side. This, she believes, is the way to unlock one’s potential. Creativity is the gateway drug. Once you open up that door, the world will waltz right into your life, shake your hand and ask, “Are you ready to live?” In order to facilitate the creative process, Lorraine hand-paints wearable art for her clients. For these people, the arts and life coaching go hand-in-hand. The more creatively busy they are, the better they feel about life and the clearer a road forms before them. For others, that might not be a case.

At Abundant Life, much of my life coaching utilizes my training as a mental health specialist. Such psychological techniques will help open up your mind and reanalyze past events. Through this, we will create your road map to the future and your true self. Where one life coach utilizes wearable art, I use my training as a mental health specialist.

If you are struggling in any which way, my counseling services are available both over the phone and in person in Lapeer and Charlevoix MI.  Call 231-881-7335 for a free phone consultation.  We can also Skype, if you prefer.



*Image courtesy of Shayna Michaels

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