Lapeer, Michigan

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, and I use my education and experience to help my clients in Lapeer, Michigan, navigate past their own roadblocks. Many clients find conflict resolution and stress management can help with their business or personal relationships. No matter the issues that you’re having – whether you’re a couple in need of a therapy session or are looking for general life coaching – I help every client learn new ways to handle their conflicts.
For those who just want to be happier and do better in life, my life coaching methods give you the chance to reach your maximum potential. I am also able to provide business coaching if you are looking to improve your career or become more successful in your current position.
I offer my services in person, including life coaching and couples therapy with counseling in Lapeer, Michigan, as well as over-the-phone sessions for clients looking for something more convenient for their schedule. Whether you are looking for life coaching, business coaching, conflict resolution or marriage counseling, I can help you get past the stress and anger to find a more peaceful and happy tomorrow.
Call me at 810-252-1315 for a free, 15-minute consultation and start getting your life back on track today.