PTSD and Marital Issues

PTSDMost couples go through a period of their marriage where they wonder whether or not therapy may be helpful to their relationship. In some cases, going to therapy as a couple may help an individual get at some underlying issues that weren’t readily present. This is especially true in the case of couples where one of the members is returning from active duty overseas.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has risen in prominence among mental health concerns in recent years. Month after month, new reports come out about soldiers returning from war, bearing emotional wounds that may make any physical ones pale in comparison.

What’s worse is how difficult these actual underlying causes of mental instability can be to address. As this article published by indicates, sometimes it takes a long time for a veteran to open up about emotional problems, even when those issues are obvious to a spouse or significant other.

Veterans are often discouraged from seeking help because of the stigma associated with PTSD. The above article talks about one soldier suffering from PTSD-related problems and the various questions from others and excuses from within that can keep an individual from addressing their problems clearly.

Even if you can’t put a clear finger on the issues that are placing stress on your marriage, going to couples therapy may help you take small steps in the right direction. Talking with a dedicated psychiatric professional can clear up the various issues clouding up your life and the life of your loved one.

Abundant Life is experienced at handling a variety of marital issues and can provide effective therapeutic services for individuals and couples. If you need to regain happiness in your personal relationships, call me to schedule a consultation. I work with couples and individuals around Lapeer, MI.

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